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These solutions are very particular, almost invisible, but as obligatory as necessary in maintaining its level of effectiveness. And to make everything work as it must be important to maintain the balance between security and performance. Different levels and areas required for each project are discussed.
Diseño Web
Design is analyzed from its inception in the paper to its publication in the domain. Are taken into account in the study of both what is seen by the user as the parts that are not. Roads, graphics and access information as defined user profile. It works in phases and goals. The result should be attractive to the user and achieve business objectives.
Cover and responds to generic or specific needs and thematic areas of information technology companies, both in software and hardware. We study the requirements and objectives to provide possible solutions. The solution and the final results in the development of project generated is defined.
The different solutions are designed for small businesses and professionals, usually less complex, so you are more set in their design and budget. The common requirements for such projects make products and services that are consistent and flexible to the size of these businesses.
Sectores Profesionales
They are solutions to businesses and professionals in the same business sector. Obviously each sector needs similar solutions, although customized designs, products and services. The most representative is the professional, educational, sporting, social, cultural, restoration, ... sectors with online commerce generate large benefits to the economy.
From VELMATRIS committed to quality and for this we are committed to those products and services as well as being top brands, corresponding to the level we expect from the products. To complement that level of quality from VELMATRIS formal training and manufacturer certifications are made to give maximum performance in design, implementation and support.


Extensiones Joomla
Development of new products that are demand for customers and for us to improve our services. Creating components, modules and plugin for Joomla. Unlimited support service for customers with MAS. New views, new features, configuration options, ... to improve the result.
Consultoría Informática
Virtuemart Extensions. Configuration options. Migration Utilities. Building custom reports. Importing Data. Synchronization of stock with suppliers. New options for plugins. Implementation of payment gateways. Design of bills. VAT breakdown.
Diseño Web con Joomla
Currently the closest to the user and therefore to which we must devote attention to facilitate applications of practical use to your business environment. The custom development for our clients multi-device applications are necessary to create the communication link with the end user.
Seguridad Lógica con McAfee
We offer design security projects with McAfee. Prevention is to start with the proper introduction of products, setup and maintenance. All companies should have a stable and protective security. Not forgetting the reactive part disaster and implementation of a contingency plan and support, partner in time to avoid losses.
Equipos DELL
Our experience supports us in time to give our trust to reliable and secured equipment. The range of professional products for companies that DELL provides cover the majority of needs, ranging from computer desktops, servers, communications, notebooks, monitors, printers, security and accessories. We advise on the best choice of equipment.
We offer our consultancy complete solution is needed, either for themselves or for commercial product development. We develop an accurate and personalized approach to provide a solution to the query can now have each client depending on their needs on time. And our work and trust be your consultant.


Professional Services we offer are based on commercial and standard products from leading manufacturers.
We offer a wide variety of services to match different needs depending on each product.
Advise the client on what you really need and advise possible combinations of services to adapt personalization, flexibility and even scalability of services.
VELMATRIS professional services have three main points:


      ■ Ensure the objectives of Project Services and its actual completion time.
      ■ Save much time and effort to achieve the target customer for the services.
      ■ Reduce the economic cost of implementation.


Diseño Web basado Joomla
  • Curso Joomla 3.3 -  Nivel Básico (4h), Nivel Avanzado (8h) [para publicadores].
  • Curso Joomla 3.3 -  Nivel Básico (8h), Nivel Avanzado (8h) [para administradores].
  • Curso Edicción Contenido - JCE - Nivel Básico (4h), Nivel Avanzado (8h).
  • Curso Edicción Imágenes - Paint.NET - Nivel Básico (4 h), Nivel Avanzado (8 h)
  • Curso Joomla - Extensiones - Nivel Básico (4h), Nivel Avanzado (8 h)
  • Curso de lenguage HTML - Nivel Básico (15h), Nivel Avanzado (30h).
  • Curso de Seguridad - Nivel Básico (8h), Nivel Avanzado (16h).
  • Sesión de reciclaje y mejora de contenido (4h) [sólo clientes).
Comercio electronico con Virtuemart
  • Curso Virtuemart 3.0 - Nivel Básico (4h).
  • Curso Virtuemart 3.0 - Nivel Avanzado (8h).
  • Curso Virtuemart 3.0 - Nivel Profesional, personalizando código (16h).
  • Curso Virtuemart - Extensiones - Nivel Básico (4h).





  • Curso VirusScan Enterprise - Nivel Básico (4h).
  • Curso VirusScan Enterprise - Nivel Avanzado (8h).
  • Curso ePolicy Orchestrador - Nivel Básico (8h)
  • Curso ePolicy Orchestrador - Nivel Avanzado (16h)
  • Curso Host Intrusion Prevention - Nivel básico (4h).
  • Curso Host Intrusion Prevention - Nivel Avanzado (8h).
  • Curso de Seguridad Preventiva - Nivel Básico (4h).
  • Curso de Seguridad Reactiva - Nivel Básico (4h)
Servicios Profesionales de McAfee
  • Curso Personalizados a Directivos.
  • Curso de sistemas a usuarios.
  • Cursos de aplicaciones específicas a usuarios.
  • Cursos de aplicaciones específicas a técnicos.
  • Curso Medidas Preventivas de Seguridad.
  • Curso de Correo Electrónico.
  • LOPD y LSSI.


Sectores Profesionales
  • Curso de Internet - Nivel Básico (4h).
  • Curso de Internet - Nivel Avanzado (8h).
  • Curso de Redes y Comunicaciones - Nivel Básico (4h)
  • Curso de Redes y Comunicaciones - Nivel Avanzado (8h)
  • Curso de Redes Sociales - Nivel Básico (4h).
  • Curso de Google  - Nivel Básico (4h).
  • Sesión de navegación y protección de datos (4h).
CONSULTORÍA Próximamente
  • I Formación de Introducción Informática (HW, SW, Internet)- Curso anual (150h).
  • II Formación de Programación Web y Aplicaciones - Curso anual (150h).
  • III Formación de Sistemas y Procesos - Curso anual (150h).
  • IV Formación de Redes y Comunicaciones - Curso anual (150h).
  • V Formación de Electrónica y Robótica - Curso anual (150h).
  • VI Formación de Seguridad y Protección de datos - curso anual (150h)
  • VII Formación de Consultaría y Servicios - Curso anual (150h). 
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